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11. August 2017 Style 0

Hi Lovelies,

I have a very exciting post for you guys today. I will be sharing a website where you can order super affordable trendy accessories and fashion bits & bobs. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money for trendy pieces like myself, you will really enjoy this website. I have been contacted by to do a review on their products and I will be sharing my honest opinion with you. I have picked out a few items and I am going to show you the ones I really liked and would recommend for you guys to purchase.



This one is my personal favorite. I picked out the (Color: Pink gold) $2.74 and the quality of this watch is amazing for it’s price. Looks absolutely stunning paired with formal or casual outfits. I would highly recommend. They have hundreds of other styles as well which you can check out at their website. All links will be listed below.


Trendy Tassel Earrings


I am sure many of you have seen this tassel earrings trend going around. I myself adore this trend and think these earnings look super chic with simple outfits. I personally own a few pairs from different brands. I wanted to pick one out from their website as well. I went with yellow color because I find yellow to be perfect for summer. I am not impressed with the quality of the earrings but they are decent for the price you pay and also if you want to try out the trend for less I would highly recommend.


Eye Lashes

This is another item I picked from their website that I loved. I have used a couple of pairs of these eyelashes already. They are super easy to apply because of the thin band and look full and natural. The quality is great for the price and if you don’t like spending a lot on your eyelashes you would love these.


Don’t forget to check out their website and leave a comment below if you like or will purchase any of the products. Also, if you are interested in clip in hair extensions, you can check out their website here


Shop these items and More!!!



Watches  (Color: Pink gold)  $2.74

Earrings (Color: Yellow) $0.80

Eyelashes ($2.06)





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